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Temporary Stay Visas are given to Regular Passport holders, valid for a 1 (one) year stay in Indonesia and must not exceed the validity period of Passport. Applications for Temporary Stay Visas are subjected for approval from the Directorate General of Immigration office in Jakarta .

Temporary Stay Visas are given for the purpose of : Foreign Investment, Employment in a Government / Private sector, Education, Training or Research, Religious duties, Joining Husband and or a Parent who is a foreign national in possession of a Limited Stay Permit or who is an Indonesian citizen, for the wife and / or single, legitimate child(ren) who is/are under 18 years of age.

Requests for Temporary Stay Visas must be submitted to the Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong SAR by filling out the appropriate forms and enclosing :

  1. Passport must be valid at least 18 months at the date of entry into Indonesia.

  2. A letter of intent from employer or sponsor, which describes the purpose of the visit and guaranteeing all transportation and living expenses that will incur in Indonesia.

  3. 1 (one) recent color photograph, size 3 x 4 cm with White colored background;

  4. Applicant's curriculum vitae.

  5. Work agreement/contract.

  6. Copies of marriage certificate and birth certificate of accompanying family member (spouse/children) in triplicate.

  7. For those conducting activities in religious, research, education, or social mission, must enclose the original and a copy of a letter of recommendation from the institution or specific department/division that has assigned them.

  8. For those who wish to work in a foreign investment or domestic investment venture, or as a technical professional on assignment by a foreign aid organizations, must furnish a letter of recommendation from a technical department in Indonesia, the Indonesian Department of Labour(TA 01), the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board, and a copy of the letter of agreement to employ foreign labour.

Please note :

The Temporary Stay VISA is always a single entry . What if the visa holder supposed to exit and re-enter Indonesia many times? After the holder of such visa arrived in Indonesia , they should contact the nearest immigration office to apply for the temporary stay permit Card (KITAS) and also to apply for an reentry permit if they plan to travel abroad and wish to re-enter Indonesia . Usually the sponsor in Indonesia has arranged all necessary permit and knew how to proceed to obtain KITAS and re-entry permit from the local immigration.

Indonesian Consulate General must have the authorization from the Indonesian Immigration before a Temporary Stay VISA could be issued. If you want to apply for the Temporary Stay VISA please contact your sponsor in Indonesia to apply it through the nearest immigration office. If granted, the immigration would send official notification to the Consulate General.

The Indonesian Consulate General would not issue a Temporary Stay VISA without approval from the Director General of Immigration in Indonesian.

Please be advised also to obtain permission if you wish to enter/stay at the restricted regions (Aceh, Maluku, Irian Jaya) from appropriate authorities, including immigration.

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