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Maximum length of stay in Indonesia is 60 days. Requests for Visit VISAs are submitted to the Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong SAR by filling out the appropriate form (1 copy for each person) and enclosing:
  1. Passport (still valid at least 6 months from the date of entry) for single entry, and 18 months for multiple entries.

  2. 1 (one) recent color photograph, size 3 x 4 cm with White colored background;

  3. Letter of recommendation from a sponsor in Indonesia

  4. Letter recommendation from a sponsor in Hong Kong SAR (stating the duration and the purpose of the Visit as well as responsibility of accommodation / maintenance costs)

  5. Proof of return ticket, or a ticket to continue travel to another country

  6. Proof of a return ticket, or a ticket to continue travel to another country


Note :

  • This visa is given by the Indonesian Consulate to applicants visiting Indonesia for normal business activities (including attending a conference/seminar).

  • To attend a conference/seminar a letter/invitation from the conference host setting out details, including nature, duration and programme of the conference/seminar.


Letter of invitation from family or social organization, which describes the purpose of the visit and guaranteeing all transporatation and living expenses that will incur in indonesia.

Note :

  • For family visit, includes either: (1) a copy of KITAS (Indonesian immigration's temporary stay permit card) of the principal / person who is a non-Indonesian citizen that sponsoring your visist, or , (2) if your sponsor is an Indonesian cirizen, a copy of the KTP (Indonesian ID card). Please be advised that foreigner who doesn't have KITAS could not sponsor a family visit.


Evidence of sufficient funds to maintain himself / herself during his / her stay in Indonesia (e.g. recent Bank Statements or Credit Card).

Note :

  • Tourist VISA only for single entry. The Tourist VISA holder should not enter the restricted regions (Aceh, Papua and Maluku).

VISA is issused within 3 (three) working days from receipt of application providing all documents are in order. For visiting restricted regions need more than five working days or after receiving approval from the Immigration Authorities.

Proof of permanent residence, for non-Hong Kong SAR Citizen (stay permits). Please be advised that applicant with no proof of PR would be suggested to obtain Indonesian visa from country of origin / country of residency.

The applicant who wishes to enter the restricted regions (Acheh, Papua, Maluku) must obtain special authorization from Indonesian authorities. Please advised the Consulate General about the intention to visit the restricted regions. This rule also applies to those who previously work at the regions and hold immigration permission, e.g. religious worker, Freeport employees. For a member of a family who wishes to join their family in such region, the rule is also applied to you. It is more convenient if your principal in Indonesia obtains the permission before you apply for the VISA. The Consulate General would not issue the VISA without offical notification of approval from the Indonesian authority to enter such regions.

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